Update to CRM Online Includes Keyword Ad Integration

Microsoft today released an update to its Dynamics CRM Online service that includes a fully-integrated, end-to-end keyword advertising management utility. The free tool, imaginatively called "Internet Marketing," allows CRM Online users to design search engine marketing campaigns by helping them select and bid for keywords with major search engines, track click-throughs and landing pages, track leads generated from keyword campaigns, and report on conversions into opportunities and closed sales.

CRM Online users now have a true, end-to-end online marketing tool that allows them to report on actual revenue generated by their search engine marketing investments. And best of all, it's free to Dynamics CRM subscribers!

To activate the service, CRM Online users need to go to the Settings area of CRM, click on Business Management, and click the new "Internet Marketing" link to launch the activation wizard.


Martin Peel said...

Looks great Matt. Are there any plans to make this available for CRM 4.0 IFD's?

Matt Wittemann said...

I haven't heard anything about this coming to on-premise version of MS CRM. Frankly, I'm not too optimistic about that possibility - though it would be great. However, Microsoft has announced a number of free solutions that will shortly be released called "Solution Accelerators." These include customer-facing self-service portals, an event management module and more (see http://blogs.msdn.com/crm/archive/tags/Accelerators/default.aspx)

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