CRM As A Rapid Development Platform

I'm late in getting this post out, but better late than never! Dave Yack released his book "CRM As a Rapid Development Platform" last month. It's an indispensable tool for every developer who is building on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. It's available in printed form or as an e-book, and also includes a ton of code samples and some helpful videos. It's 645 pages long, so you're sure to find plenty in the book that you weren't aware of, even if you've been working with CRM for a long time! I don't know how Dave found the time for this monster, but I'm glad he did!


Anonymous said...

hi, i am new into crm development. and I am trying to learn it by myself. My first challenge is changing the customizing the sitemap. I tried creating a pane of my own, but crm would not upload my customized sitemap. any suggestions as to why this isn't working.

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