Microsoft Demos Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft unveiled the next version of Dynamics CRM at the Worldwide Partner Conference this week. They also announced the name of what has been referred to as version 5: Dynamics CRM 2011.

Some highlights of what they revealed:

  • A public beta will be available in September 2010, starting with CRM Online
  • CRM Online will continue to roll out internationally with the RTM release, becoming available in 40 countries
  • A new marketplace for pre-built solutions will be launched in September

Additionally, they demonstrated some of the features of CRM 2011 that have been the subject of much buzz:

  • Role-based forms and views
  • Inline visualizations
  • User-created dashboards
  • Guided dialogs (think of automated, real-time workflows with user input and feedback)
  • Tight SharePoint integration supported natively


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