New Updates and Rollups

I haven’t had a chance to blog in a couple of weeks, and there have been a number of new releases from the CRM team at Microsoft:

1. Update Rollup 4 has been released.

2. The Implementation Guide has been updated.

3. The SDK has been updated, and

4. The CRM On-Premise Help files have been updated. (Remember to backup your Help files if you’ve customized them!)


Ziad Shaban said...

i have question, can i change my passowrd using CRM website? i have CRM but dont have access to network
i need to be able to change my password using MSCRM ?

Matt Wittemann said...

No. Passwords are maintained by Active Directory and CRM does not maintain them. However, depending on your network configuration, if you have access to Outlook Web Access, you may be able to change your password there.

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