Slightly Off-Topic: A CRM Innovator Hits the Nail on the Head

Sridhar Vembu, the head of AdventNet and Zoho.com (a SaaS vendor with an online CRM product), has a great analysis of the prevailing economic theories that have failed so ignominiously of late - even though their main advocates don't (or can't, or won't) acknowledge their failure. Read it at http://blogs.zoho.com/in-the-news/coherently-yours-professor-krugmans-track-record-of-economic-commentary

Some tenuous connections to CRM: 1) It's good to see a lead innovator in the CRM marketplace who has his head on straight when it comes to sound economics - always a good thing for customers who will invest their time and treasure in building a product into their businesses; 2) CRM as an approach to doing business has always occupied an interestingly tense position between the promise of improved customer relationships and meeting the business objectives of pointy-haired MBAs. If the pointy-haired set embraces fundamentally flawed business models, the execution of their grand CRM schemes aren't likely to pay off in the long run.


Craig Klein said...

Yes, off topic indeed!

Its an interesting article though.

I've found that demand for online contact management systems grows during downturns.

Layoffs at Fortune 500s create many new entrepreneurs!

Sridhar Vembu said...

Thanks for noticing that post and your kind words!


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