SQL Error When Trying to Import Custom Entity

This error cropped up recently when moving customizations for a client from their dev server to their production server. The import looked like it was working, but then an error window popped up saying there was a SQL Error with cc_EntityName_DuplicateMatchingRecord. Turns out, this is a known issue, as stated in the CRM 4.0 Server Readme file - but who ever reads those things?!

Custom entity cannot be imported to a new system when duplicate detection has been enabled and then disabled.

The error message that you may receive is "Either the file could not be uploaded
or Import failed.”An additional message contains a reference that includes the
name of the custom entity and the text "A SQL Server error occurred.” This error
will occur when you try to import a custom entity into a new system if the
custom entity had had duplicate detection enabled but now has duplicate
detection disabled. To work around this issue, turn duplicate detection on for
the custom entity before you export it. After the custom entity is imported to a
new system, disable duplicate detection for the custom entity.


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