Microsoft CRM Metadata Browser

For those of you who like to get in under the hood of your CRM system, there's a great feature in both CRM 3.0 and 4.0 that lets you easily display a lot of the information you'll want to know when customizing your system: the Metadata Browser. It lists all of your CRM entities - even your custom entities - and lets you see all the fields and relationships each entity has, as well as things like the Object Type Code and other settings.

The Metadata Browser is easy to access. Simply navigate to http://yourCRMserver/sdk/list.aspx
(obviously replacing 'yourCRMserver' with the name of your CRM server!)

You'll get a nicely formatted webpage with a table listing all of your entities. If you click on the Definition icon for one of the entities you'll see a list of all of the attributes for the entity with all of the attributes for each attribute (now that's some meta-metadata!).


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