CRM 4.0 Email Tracking Token Can be Turned Off

Nice feature of CRM 4.0: Users and system administrators alike have never been fond of the tracking token that CRM places in the email subject line in order to track email replies to the correct account or contact in CRM. In CRM 1.2 and 3.0 this token could be turned off completely, but then it was impossible to track replies to CRM emails. With version 4.0, administrators can still use the tracking token for precise tracking, but CRM now offers the ability to turn off the tracking token and still track most messages. CRM 4.0 uses a combination of the email's sender, recipient and subject to figure out which records to relate inbound email to, even without the token! To turn the tracking tokens off in CRM 4.0, go to Settings > Administration > System Settings, and click on the Email tab. See the image below for the checkbox to de-select to disable the tracking token:


aristide said...

I have heard that in version 4.0 there is some kind of hidden token in the email properties that allows all the properties of the token but been hidden cannot be deleted from the email object. Can you confirm this fact and how to enable it. thank you very much, Ari from Italy.

Matt Wittemann said...

Hi, Ari. There isn't any kind of hidden object in CRM E-mail. The only tracking token is the one that appears in the subject line, which can be turned off completely.

Mike Shaw said...

So an email gets sent with the subject of 'Salary Reviews' , containing the date of each users review - This is tracked. When this is FW with the values in - but not tracked... What would you expect to happen?

Matt Wittemann said...

Your forwarded email should also be tracked.

Mark Lloyd said...

Hi there. Nice article

So a quick question

In a situation where a new incoming email's subject matches an old case, CRM is always going to match that new email to the old case regardless of whether token based tracking is enabled or not?

That could be tricky.

I have a potential workaround which would involve a workflow changing the title of a case by appending ' - completed' to it upon closure or something simaler.

This means the new emails could never match the old cases unless the subject (in the case of token less tracking)

Your thoughts??

Matt Wittemann said...

First, workflow won't fire against a closed case - this is a limitation in CRM's workflow: you can't use it to update inactive records (I know this sucks).

If you're using workflow to generate the emails to start with (putting the title of the case in the subject of the email), why not include the case number in the subject line as well (CAS-0089-AXFY is a standard format)? This way you'll have a unique number in the email subject line that will help CRM distinguish between case-related emails.

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