CRM Live Re-Named to CRM Online

Microsoft has announced a name change to their hosted CRM service. The service, now known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is still targeted for a Q2 release.

Formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live, the hosted version of CRM 4.0 will maintain the same functionality as previously announced, and, according to Microsoft, is simply being renamed in order to align it with their Online brand of B2B services.

Bill Patterson, Microsoft's Director of Product Management for the hosted service said in a communique:

"In recent months, Microsoft has launched the new Online brand, with tremendous investment in and focus around on-demand technology for business users. Whereas the Live brand is focused on consumers and small businesses, the Online brand is fully aligned with our existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategy of delivering outstanding solutions for small businesses, midsized companies, and large enterprises. As a result, we will be launching the new service as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online."


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