Comparison of System Requirements for CRM 3.0 Small Business Edition and CRM 4.0 Professional

I just put this together for one of my clients that is evaluating which version to deploy, CRM 3.0 SBE or CRM 4.0 Professional. They've got the infrastructure to do either, and of course everyone wants the latest and greatest, but some companies are more conservative about deploying a brand new release of a major software system before the first service pack or update rollups are available. I think they're coming down on the side of deploying 4.0, which is exciting, but in the interest of comparison I put this System Requirements table together.

Edit: Larry Lentz correctly pointed out that the table below doesn't contain system requirements so much as system recommendations. For performance reasons, I rarely recommend to my clients to use the minimal system requirements that Microsoft lists for a product, and frequently their "recommended" configurations can be improved upon. (For example, for CRM 3.0, the minimum requirement for the server RAM is 1GB, but the recommended amount is 2GB. For my clients, I often recommend 3 or 4GB of RAM to get the best performance.) Anyway, thanks for helping me clarify that, Larry!


Puleng said...

hello,i have a problem on my hands-i'm still on CRM 3.0- somehow i cant create a new entity and updated to rollup 2. do you nkow what the problem might be?


Matt Wittemann said...

Are you getting any error messages? A good place to post for help would be the newsgroups or forums for CRM on Microsoft's website:
newsgroup: http://www.microsoft.com/Businesssolutions/Community/Newsgroups/dgbrowser/en-us/default.mspx?dg=microsoft.public.crm&lang=en&cr=US

forum: http://forums.microsoft.com/dynamics/default.aspx?siteid=27

Puleng said...

Hello,the only error i get is"error has occured.for more information contact your systems administrator". i have posted on the microsoft newsgroup.thanks Matt

Anonymous said...

ping back from http://www.castorsoft.com/articles/2008.1.4.htm

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