CRM Workflow Emails Not Being Sent

I hope this helps anyone who runs into a similar problem: I ran into a problem on a client's CRM server yesterday where the emails being generated from CRM's workflow rules were not being sent out, causing the workflow rule to fail. This had been working in the past, but suddenly it was not. There were a bunch of failed and paused rules in the workflow monitor. taking a look at the failure messages there revealed two different messages:
"Invalid association. the request association is not valid." and "Invalid Visibility Modification Access."

Both of these error messages, along with an error on the CRM server's event log, pointed me to look at the antivirus software. I had run into a problem once before with a CRM server that was running McAfee antivirus that was blocking outbound traffic on port 25 - the port that carries SMTP mail. This client also was running McAfee, and some googling turned up the following KB article (support.microsoft.com/kb/916925) which, among other things, suggests placing the W3wp.exe process in the antivirus software's exclusion list. (I'm not sure if this problem only occurs with McAfee, it just so happens that these are the two cases I've come across, which was helpful since it helped me narrow down the problem a little more quickly than I might have.)

The only problem was that the W3wp.exe process was already excluded from being blocked by the A/V software. In this instance, the CRM server was relaying mail to the Exchange server for outbound SMTP mail, so I thought I'd change the registry settings to make it use the SMTP service in IIS on the CRM server. Before doing this, however, the IT wiz at my client's company discovered that the AntiVirus software was also blocking the CrmWorkflowService.exe - something that's not listed in Microsoft's KB article. By adding this to the exclusion list, workflow email started flowing again.


Atul said...

Could you discuss 'Business Closure' in detail? how it works? Does it is applied to all child BUs below that?

Anne Stanton said...

This was helpful! Thanks Matt

Anne Stanton
The CRMLady

Jeremy said...

Great Post! One more question. Does this affect the "send direct email function." I am still not able to create an email record using this feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Matt Wittemann said...

Outbound email from CRM typically uses either the SMTP server on the CRM box, or relays it to Exchange. So if an antivirus software or security system is preventing email through SMTP, you won't be able to send it from CRM's web UI either. This would typically effect all CRM users sending email from the web client.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Matt. Well, I'm able to send emails via the web client, but using the send direct email doesn't work.. This must be some type of workflow. I have disabled symantec completely and still nothing from "send direct" Any thoughts?

Matt Wittemann said...

Direct E-mail doesn't use workflow at all - what version of CRM are you using? 3.0 or 4.0? Can you see the "Send Direct Email" button? Do you have privileges to append records to the list of contacts that you're trying to send to?

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