Sneak Peek At CRM 3.0 For Office Outlook 2007

Mike Snyder at Sonoma Partners posted a low-res screenshot on his blog last month of a preview of the CRM Outlook client for 3.0 that is being updated for Office 2007 compatibility. For those of you not yet familiar with Office 2007, it will deliver a radically different interface from current versions of Office. One of the most distinctive changes is what Microsoft is calling the "ribbon," the new and very slick toolbar/palette menu that reorganizes functionality in the Office products.

The CRM update for Office Outlook 2007 is supposed to be released within a couple of weeks of the official release of Office 2007 and will be available to download. The updated Outlook client for laptops will use the newer SQL 2005 Express database instead of the MSDE, allowing for 4GB of data instead of just 2GB. Here's the screenshot:


BAPI said...

does anybody know if there is any change in functionality compared to Outlook 2003?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody Know why the CRM's ribbon can't see in the screen? I have Office 2007 and install the Client Outlook 2007 for CRM 3.0.

Anonymous said...

Plan to install CRM 3.O. What are the features, advantages/performance differences of upgrading from Outlook 2003 to 2007 at same time?

Matt Wittemann said...

Whether you use Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, you will want to deploy the "V3C" client for CRM. This is the version 3.0 "Compatibility" client - as in compatible with Outlook 2007 and Vista. It also works with XP and Outlook 2003, and is much more stable than the RTM version of the client that shipped when CRM 3.0 was released.

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