Customizing The Quick Find View

I saw a post in the newsgroups today looking for advice on looking up cases by data contained in fields other than the title. Microsoft CRM 3.0 has some great functionality enhancements to make the Quick Find very useful. (The Quick Find is the little box at the top of lists in the CRM web interface that is labeled "Look For:")

You can edit the view that results when you use the quick find -- for cases the view is called "Quick Find Active Cases." (Go to Settings > Customization > Cases and look at the Forms and Views list.) There is an option on the right to "Add Find Columns."

Click on this and add the description column or case title column, save the view and then publish your changes. Now, when you go to the case view, you will be able to type the first few letters from one of the fields you added in the "Look for:" box and get back results from active cases that have data in any of the columns selected in the "Add Find Columns". You can also use asterisks as wild cards, so if you add the description column, and want to find a case that has the word 'desktop' in the description, you could do a quick find on '*esk' and find that case (without the quotes, and assuming the case was still active).

If you need some more power in your searches, then you will want to use the Advanced Find. A great feature of 3.0 is that the Advanced Find is context aware, so if you are looking at the case list and at the My Resolved Cases view, when you click on Advanced Find, it will have the filter criteria for that view pre-loaded in your query. If you can't see the details of the view in Advanced Find, click the "Show Details" button. You can then add different lines to your query to find just what you need. And you can save your query as a custom view that you can share with your co-workers! Very cool!


Bob McMahon said...

This item came up in my 3.0 training today. Look For seems to honor the Find Columns settings for Accounts and Contacts, but not for Leads and Cases.

For example, I have Title, Case Number and Case Description specified in my Find Columns settings. When I navigate to Cases and enter the numeric portion of a case number (72237) in the Look For field, no records are found.

I found similar behavior in Leads. Any help on explaining this bevior would be much appreciated.

Matt Wittemann said...

In many cases you will have to use an asterisk as a wild card in the Quick Find. For example, when looking for a case, it's not enough to put in the numeric portion of the case number, such as 72237. Case numbers are strings like CAS-72237-XFGHY. The Quick Find looks for field values that begin with whatever you type in. So instead, you might type in *72237 and you will get a list of all cases that have that number in one of the quick find fields.

It's the same with leads, I suspect. By default I think the leads quick find search for values in the fullname field that begin with whatever you type. So if you have Frank Johnson as a lead, and you type Johnson, you won't get any results. However, if you use the wild card, and type *John you will get all leads with john in them, such as John Smith, Frank Johnson or Bill Littlejohn.

Hope that makes sense and good luck!

Shaz said...

any ideas as to how you could go about appending the * at the beginning of all searches automatically???

Anonymous said...

Is there a way that you know of, to change the XML and make this a contains search all of the time? Using the (*) Wildcard character isn't a problem for me, but it seems that some users can't quite grasp this concept :)

Aad said...

Hi Matt,

Do you see any way to change the filter for the quickfind view? It filters for active records and my customer wants to see results from all opportunity records..


Matt Wittemann said...

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way to change this. By default CRM's quick find view will only look at active records

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it will help you.

Anonymous said...

Hi has anyone any experience searching for dates and times using the quick find. I have been trying to do some searches and it appears to work for full date matches but not partials. Has anyone else ever experimented with this and have any advice?

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