Report Scheduling Wizard For CRM 3.0

Microsoft has released a nice little utility for CRM 3.0 that allows users with the Report Manager privilege to schedule reports to run automatically on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is available right from the reports area of the My Work area in the web UI. The wizard lets you create snapshots of a selected report, determine who the report will be available to, and set the parameters, recurrence, start and end dates. Very nice add-on for CRM 3.0. Keep 'em coming Microsoft!

The wizard can be downloaded here.


Anonymous said...


Have you successfully generated (schedule) reports through web client or outlook?

Whenever i run the wizard, i get the error of "operation failed".

regards /

Matt Wittemann said...

Yes, I've used the report scheduling tool and had great success. To troubleshoot this issue, start by determining if this happens with all reports or just some. For instance, do the canned reports work with the scheduling wizard, but your custom ones don't? Do you get any other erros related to reports? Do you have parameters that require user input and is that input entered correctly in the wizard? Good luck...

Unknown said...


Like Aba Im having the same problem... And when a parameter is required another message appears:
"Unable to set report parameters. Verify that all parameters have valid values and that you have provided the correct user"
And yes it happen with all my reports.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Steven said...

Hi Matt,
we've also been getting errors with the report scheduling wizard on custom parameterised reports that we have created.

The canned reports do work, so we've tried to remove fields and graphics and have still had no luck. We are also receiving the "operation failed" error.

Any tips?

Unknown said...

I had the same issue with custom reports. You need to make sure each of your parameters have default values set. if not the wizard fails.

Hope this helps!

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