Using SQL Reporting Services in a Custom Sharepoint Dashboard For CRM

I've been playing with making custom dashboard home pages for Microsoft CRM and thought I'd share some useful links. First, here's a document on how to customize the SiteMap to use a Sharepoint page as the default home page in CRM.

Next, take a look at using SQL Reporting Services webparts in SharePoint.

You will need SQL RS SP2.


Michael MARTIN (BrainSoft) said...

Very interesting links ! Many thanks for the post Matt :)

Anonymous said...


I have installed Microsoft CRM 3.0 in Small Business Server 2003 with SQL Server 2005 for the database. I have encountered the following error when I accessed or clicked on Reports : Reports.config has invalid schema, and could not be loaded.

Also, when I click on Service Calendar, I was prompted with this error message: An unexpected error. An error has occured. For more information, contact your system administrator.

I would appreciate for your feedback and assistance. Thanks in advance.

Jonas said...

I'm in the same possition as the person above. I have SQL 2K insted of 2K5, but with the exact same problem. The server reports that the "reportserver Service has been activated". my schema looks like this
xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"
viewer extension="xyz" handler="/Specialviewer.aspx" name="Special Report Type"

viewer extension="abc" name="Client Rendered Report"
except for the Brackets around that tags.
I meen what could be wrong with this.

Jonas said...

A quick update. I cracked the scheduling problem I changed the mscrm site in IIS from ASP.net v 2.0 to 1.1 that solved my problem. Now i just hav to work on the reports issue.
More usful info: http://groups.google.se/group/microsoft.public.crm/browse_frm/thread/d305763f8026b054/f5de0b88070db0ef?lnk=st&q=%3Cviewer+extension%3D%22xyz%22+handler%3D%22%2FSpecialviewer.aspx%22+name%3D%22Special+Report+Type%22%2F%3E&rnum=1&hl=sv#f5de0b88070db0ef

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