Two Recorded Webcasts About CRM 3 Features

These are very in-depth and information-packed webcasts from TechEd 2005 in June.

Overview of Changes

SDK and Integration


M. Halibaut said...

Thanks Matt for the presentations. This new MS CRM looks promising.

I have been a Act user for quite a while but the latest version 20005 was/is disappointing. I have since looked for a CRM closely tied with Outlook. How will the MS CRM 3 compare with Prophet and Teamscope ? Will there be migration capabilities between those three softs ? I am open to try MS CRM 3. I am wondering if it can be made available at this time. Please reply at m.halbaut@earthlink.net

M. Halbaut

Fern said...

How will the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 compare with Prophet and Teamscope OutlookCRM 4.0? Can you provide me with additional updated information.

Fern said...

Can you provide comparative information with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 and TeamScope OutlookCRM 4.0

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