The Best Windows Mobile Client for Microsoft CRM

Mobile options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 are proliferating, but the one that stands out above the rest continues to be the mobile client from Netherlands firm, CWR Mobility. The company released it's client for 4.0 during Microsoft's Convergence this spring, and recently announced the upcoming availability of an online only version for Microsoft's hosted CRM Online.

CWR's mobile expertise pre-dates Microsoft's foray into the CRM realm, and their insight into ease of use and secure deployment is evident in this latest release. Microsoft has highlighted their mobile application in numerous venues, and it is a favorite among CRM MVPs.

The CWR mobile application for offline use fully supports custom entities with fast background synchronization and a variety of Windows Mobile and PocketPC devices. Check out CWR at http://www.cwrmobility.com.


Erik @ CWR Mobility said...

Thanks Matt,

To explain what it is all about, please have a look at our video at: Channel9

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