So Much To Learn: Microsoft's Neural Network Algorithm

If you work in the world of technology like I do, perhaps you can empathize with the way I felt this morning after reviewing a presentation forwarded to me about a really high-end demonstration of Microsoft CRM that uses SQL Analysis Services and the Analytics Foundation for predictive leads analysis and other cool things.

There were a lot of powerful ways that this demonstration used historical data to predict which leads would close on a purchase, recommend products associated with an opportunity, and even automagically generate a target marketing list based on - and this is what caught my attention and led to my feelings of technological inadequacy - "Microsoft’s neural network algorithm."

A description of the neural network algorithm from the MSDN website didn't help to clarify matters for me: "...the Microsoft Neural Network algorithm creates classification and regression mining models by constructing a Multilayer Perceptron network of neurons." (More about this here.)

Don't I feel stupid. I thought neurons were part of the brain. Just when I thought I was starting to master the technologies underlying CRM, this comes along. I need to take a month off so I can do some reading and research!


Anonymous said...

care to share that presentation on blog :-)

Matt Wittemann said...

Sorry! It was sent to me as "confidential" - but I think much of the info is available on the Microsoft Dynamics website and MSDN.

Edon said...

can you please tell me how to turn off the compulsary field for first name and last name in the account and contacts entity please.
i am new to it and i don't know how to do it.

Matt Wittemann said...

Go to Settings > Customizaton >Customize Entities and open the Account entity. Click on the Attributes link on the left and find the firstname and lastname attributes. You can open each one and change the required level as desired. Save your changes and publish them. You will need System Customizer privileges to do this. Good luck as you learn to use and administer Microsoft CRM!

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