I'm Moving To A New Firm

I have recently accepted a position with a CRM consulting firm here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area: Customer Connect. Customer Connect's focus is on CRM consulting, and I will be spending most of my time on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I'm looking forward to the change and being able to develop my knowledge and skills further while serving Customer Connect's clients. Check out their website here. If you need the assistance of an experienced and well-rounded CRM team, drop us a line!


Jim Glass said...

Congrats Matt!

weakonsanctification said...

Is Customer Connect able to handle small jobs? I have a NFP that needs the initial configuration of a fresh CRM 3.0 install. We generally get lost with most software development companies, and we can't find independent contractors who have experience with MS CRM. Thanks for the help.

Matt Wittemann said...

We'd be glad to help! You can contact us through our website at www.customer-connect.com. Mention that you had connected with me through my blog.

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