New CRM VPC Image Just Days Away

Menno is reporting on his blog that the new VPC image he has been working on for CRM 3.0 will be available soon. The VPC image is a virtual server pre-installed with CRM and some cool customizations. It's a great tool for demonstrations to prospective clients (it can be installed on a laptop inside Virtual Server or Virtual PC) - and it's also a great tool for testing and development.

A side note about this new VPC: Menno kindly incorporated one of my own customizations as detailed in my article on the CRM Team blog on MSDN. This customization will let you browse folders and file directories from within an iframe on the CRM account form. It uses a SharePoint webpart to do this. We also added some code so that if there is no associated folder for the record already on the server, it will create one for you! So download and install the VPC when it's available to get the full scoop on this cool tool (I call it filebrowser - very creative, huh?). I'll post here when the new image is ready to download.


n a t a s h a said...

Did I miss this VPC release? - i still can't find it!

Matt Wittemann said...

No word yet on the release date. I will update my blog as soon as I hear something.

Anonymous said...

Has the MS CRM team decided to go on an extended siesta? The new VPC is not available, and the old one has been removed from the MS website.

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