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I have updated the custom search tool on my blog to include all of the sites listed in Ronald Lemmen's exhaustive list of CRM-related blogs plus other sites like Microsoft's online SDK for CRM on MSDN, the new Codeplex page for CRM, and the CRM newsgroups.

Ronald did us all a huge favor by starting a list on his site of the "CRM Blog World" and committing to keeping it up to date. Like a lot of things on my blog, I put them up there so I can easily find them, and this custom search tool has been a little shortcut I've used to quickly get my hands on just the piece of information I've needed. I've had the custom search engine on my blog for a while now, but the listed sites were a little anemic. I've just updated the search tool to search every site in Ronald's list, bringing the total CRM-only sites to more than 120 as of today (16 May 2007).

To use this search tool, click here. Plug in a term like "onsave" and you get back 7 pages of results pertaining specifically to Microsoft CRM. Try searching on "callout" and you will get almost 90 results.

Suggestion: For your first use of the custom search tool, try searching "Titan."


Michael Hoehne said...

Good work Matt!

JaAG said...

What, no link to the CRM Codeplex site at http://www.codeplex.com/crm?


Matt Wittemann said...

It's in there! One of the sites the search tool references is indeed http://www.codeplex.com/crm.
I wouldn't overlook that Jim!

Douglas Leung said...

Hi Matt,

So how do we add more sources of information to your custom search engine?


Matt Wittemann said...

If you visit the main page of the custom search engine at http://google.com/coop/cse?cx=007820608918962702080%3Ao4ydxw03wpa , there's a link to "Volunteer to contribute" - you'll need a google login, and then I'll be notified that you want to contribute. Use this if you want to help maintain and build the search engine. If you just want your site added, send me a link and I'll look it over. Please keep in mind that I'm looking for Microsoft CRM content!

Douglas Leung said...

Thanks Matt. Yeap My blog specifically talks about the integration of CRM and SharePoint, though its mostly about CRM atm.

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