CRM Mobile for 3.0 Shipping This Week

UPDATE 4/4/06: The link is now available to download CRM Mobile 3.0. It is a 169MB download.

Although it has not yet been posted on Microsoft's download site, it has been announced that Microsoft CRM 3.0 Mobile will be available for download this week. As soon as it hits the site, I will update this post with a link. Meanwhile, here are some of the announced features:

  • Over the air (Wireless WAN) synchronization support
  • Full enablement of internet facing topologies (huh?)
  • Support for advanced device features like high DPI, keyboard, landscape/portrait mode etc (see pictures)
  • Technology stack upgrade to support Windows Mobile 5.0, .NET CF 2.0 & SQL CE 3.0
  • SFA application enhancements to support 3.0 features of CRM core


Mokarmo said...

i instal it but it dose not work??
thire is a file CRMMobile.exe not fount ??
if you know other manual for it?

Matt Wittemann said...

After downloading and running the self-extracting CAB file, look for the CRM Mobile Implementation Guide. This is a 142-page document that goes into great detail about how to install and configure CRM Mobile 3.0.

El Bruno said...

Hi, my name is Bruno J, I work in Avanade (a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture) as a Solution Developer.

I’m working in some projects with CRM, and I have setup a Virtual Machine with

· Windows 2003



· Exchange

· Active Directory

· Ms CRM 3.0

I use this VM for demos and to test some features.

Now I want to install CRM Mobile, but I don’t know which option select to run a demo in the VM with an emulation of a device. During the installation I have the following options

· microsoft crm network

· sbs 2003

· bus solution in perimeter network

· other perimeter network

· standalone mobile deployment manager

Which one do you suggest for my case ?


El Bruno

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