Microsoft CRM Needs Assessment (Beta) Now Available

This is a handy new tool. If your organization is considering deploying Microsoft CRM, download this tool. It takes you through an interview process to gather information about how your business would use CRM. It will be helpful in organizing your thoughts about CRM and prioritizing your evaluation criteria. Upon completing the wizard, you are also supplied with a fully customized XML configuration file and a Word document summarizing how your business would use CRM. The XML configuration file can be imported into a live version of CRM so that it will automatically be customized to your business' needs, letting you get a very fast start on seeing if CRM is the right product for your organization.


Anonymous said...

You should also look at this blog. It provides lots of best practices & crm 101 information for people looking to become more educated.

CRM Blog

mpowers said...

I use the MS CRM needs assessment on a daily basis for my prospective clients to help them visualize how a crm solution will improve their business processes.

This is a great tool and definately provides value.


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